Clinical Training I can offer training in a variety of clinical modalities including psychodynamic psychotherapy, family therapy, systemic approaches, consultation and groupwork. This can be in the form of one off workshops or ongoing seminars to suit your needs.


I have many years experience in offering workshops to Health and Social Care Organisations on a variety of topics. Recent workshops I have facilitated have addressed  topics such as  ‘Managing Professional Boundaries’, ‘Understanding Team Dynamics’, ‘Developing Consultancy Skills’ and ‘Working with Families’. I can design and deliver bespoke workshops to meet your team’s particular needs.

Team Building and Away Days

Away days are a great way of developing good working relationships in a team. When  designing and delivering away days I begin by discussing what you and your team want to achieve from the day. Together I can help you plan and deliver a day that is enjoyable, interesting, and helps your team move forward. Away days can be particularly helpful as part of larger scale organisational change. Recent clients have included:

Liverpool School of Nursing, Christie NHS  Oncology and Palliative Care multidisciplinary teams, Northern School of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, RELATE, Liverpool Interchange, Shrewbury and Wrekin CAMHS, Fife NHS Trust.

Group Relations Conferences

The group relations conference is a powerful training model that helps individuals develop their self awareness, leadership potential, and their understanding of organisational life. There are no formal lectures given, but participants learn through direct experience by participating in a prepared programme of events. The conference is delivered by a team of organisational consultants, who work alongside participants to help them make sense of their experiences as they unfold. Conferences can last from a day to over a week. I have experience of designing and directing group relations conferences, and work with a team of highly experienced colleagues to deliver this training. I am happy to discuss whether this type of training is suitable for your your team or organisation. Recent clients have included:

Resettle (Merseyside Probation Service), Merseycare NHS Trust, Association of Cognitive Analytic Therapists, N.S.C.A.P., Royal College of Psychiatrists. N.E. Leadership Development Programme ( NHS).

See: “Building Capacity for Leadership and Teamwork: developing, delivering and evaluating a Group Relations Conference”. Bryson,S & Asher,C Psychiatric Bulletin 2008