The comments below are excerpts  taken from the written feedback of participants as part of the  evaluation of events.

Group Relations Conferences:

“Extremely useful..I am a doer, but I was also able to reflect on difference in the group…
“ Wonderful creativity of groups highlighted, not just the stresses and conflicts”

“ A safe place to practice a new role and to stay with the anxiety”

“I am really impressed at the detailed design of all the component exercises which so helpfully mirror real situations in complex organisations”.

“It enabled me to consider the different roles, responsibilities and authority within an organisation”

“It allowed me to reflect on how others experience me and thinking about my own behaviour and why I am more comfortable in some roles than others”

Team Building

“The opportunity to break out of the accepted method of participating in a group as part of a probation training event was liberating and empowering”

“The process  of reflecting on group dynamics was helpful in considering my own emotional response to the organisation”

“It helped me to think about the roles I get into and being part of the assessment team helped highlight these”

“Provided a safe space for exploring what I have learned, with feedback from others being particularly useful”

“I enjoyed reflecting on my own and others learning needs and role taking”

“I like reflection spaces, so it was really useful for me and to hear other people’s experiences”

“I think it was very impressive and a lot of work had gone into the way the day was put together. Great facilitator style, easy to manoeuvre round the day. Thank you”