My consultancy work is informed by  using both a Systemic and  Psychoanalytic approach to understanding organisational dynamics. Systemic theory can help inform how an organisations structure, processes, culture and roles impact on the enterprise in relation to its task. Psychoanalytic theory  offers a unique understanding of the dynamics within and between teams, and the behaviour of individuals within them. By using this combined approach, organisations can develop a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportuntites available to them.  As a consultant, I do not offer expert advice, but rather help the organisation find its own solutions to the challenges it faces.  This approach is broadly in line with the Tavistock Model of consultancy, which has an international reputation as a well established methodology which has a proven track record of success.

I offer this way of working to individuals, teams and organisations. Role consultancy to individuals is a powerful tool in coaching, and can help  individuals to feel more empowered in their workplace. Consultancy to teams offers the opportunity to explore difficulties in a safe environment, and can help generate new solutions to the challenges they face. Consultancy to organisations may incorporate some of the elements above, and provides the opportunity for whole system change.

I have worked with many teams and organisations in the Human Care Sector using this approach. Clients have included: The Beacon, H.M.P. Garth, H.M.P. Liverpool, Merseyside and Manchester Probation Services, Merseyside and Cheshire Alcohol Services, Birmingham Drugs and Alcohol Services, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services , RELATE, Irish Community Care Merseyside, N.H.S. Adult Psychotherapy and Services in Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, North Wales, Scotland and  the North East.